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E3 Journal of Scientific Research

E3 Journal of Scientific Research Vol. 2 (2) pp. 026-034, August 2014; © E3 Journals; ISSN 2276-9919

Fabrication and characterization of Al-based in situ composites reinforced by Al3V intermetallic compounds

Abdel-Nasser M. Omran1 *
1 Mining and petroleum Dept., Faculty of Engineering-Qena, Al-Azhar University
*Corresponding Author E-mail: mranasser@hotmail.com
Accepted 18 April 2014


Al-V insitu composite reinforced by submicron size Al3V intermetallic compound has been obtained using new technique. The insitu Al3V intermetallic compound was homogeneously embedded in the Al matrix. It is produced by mixing vanadium pentoxide with powdered aluminium for 6 hr in a cylindrical polyethylene bottle using a ZrO2 ball. The mixture was added to molten aluminium at different temperature and different Al powdered/V2O5 Wt. ratio. The produced composites were examined using XRD, SEM, EDS, DTA, light microscopy and hardness testing. The results indicated that, firstly the powder aluminium reduced the V2O5 to librate vanadium ions, the later reacted with molten aluminium to form the required composite. The recovery of vanadium in the prepared composite is reached up to 8% and the maximium efficiency of the V recovery up to 80% has been achieved. Also, it has proved certainly by introducing many evidence using XRD, SEM, EDS, DTA and X ray mapping that, this compound is Al3V intermetallic compound. According to DTA analysis, the reduction reaction is exthothermic reaction at temperature more than 600oC and the bath temperature uncontrolled reached up to 1000oC. The presence of Al3V compound in the aluminium matrix enhanced and improved the hardness of the prepared composite.

Keywords: Al-V alloys, Vanadium pentoxide, Al3V intermetallic compound

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